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1122 Budapest, Ráth György utca 54.
+36 1 481 0012   M-F: 8:30-18:00



ERNA EVANS Kft. opened its office in Budapest in 2007.

The clients of ERNA EVANS Kft. are the Hungarian subsidiaries of foreign, mainly French and Francophone companies, but they also include the Hungarian affiliates of companies in the USA, as well as Switzerland and other European countries. Our clients operate in a wide spectrum of economic sectors, and include the Hungarian subsidiaries of publicly listed international corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as associations and foundations. Their activities range from agricultural businesses, through commercial enterprises and service-providers, to industrial and manufacturing companies. We have a high level of specific knowledge in the fields of advertising and media, leasing/rental services, real estate development and operations, and are familiar with the specifics of a wide range of agricultural activities ranging from seed production through wine-making to the trade of cereals and pesticides.

From among the services offered by ERNA EVANS Kft., we should emphasise that, after the company-specific initialisation, we establish the format of the data supply (report) according to the structure expected by the client’s management, and then register the vouchers with the use of online accounting, with short turnaround times and in a way that is fully transparent for the client.

The highly qualified and committed employees of ERNA EVANS Kft. serve the needs of our clients in Hungarian, English and French, and are proficient in both Hungarian and international accounting standards.


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